People walking on spyfloor


SPYFLOOR is a customizable detection surface that makes your building smarter and more secure. With our underground sensor detection technology, you’ll know what’s happening on the floor surface in real time.

SPYFLOOR consists of the following parts:

People walking on spyfloor
Spyfloor mechanical parts

Item 1 – Casing

Designed to fit the size of YOUR SPYFLOOR.
The technology blends perfectly with any floor.

Item 2 – PCB Sensors

A large collection of printed circuit boards (PCBs).
Thanks to our photo-sensory technology, your floor
will detect any feet or objects on the surface.

Item 3 – Tempered Tinted Glass

Concealed in the floor, this technology is not noticeable to the eye.

Item 4 – Connection and
Communication Cables

CAN – USB – Ethernet

Item 5 – Micro-controller

– Detects feet
– Detects objects
– Identifies coordinates
– Identifies the length and angle of the feet

Spyfloor side cut